Flip flops first, questions later.

Beautiful summer weather, living by the sea. Nothing but sandals, shorts, sunglasses, few bucks in the pocket and God. Under a nice shadow of beach umbrellas, 11 friends enjoy all that surrounds them. It was like that every summer from 1998 until these days…

But it is not just friends. We are talking long-term true friendship. We know each other over 25 years. We studied together, we played soccer, we started to drink, we did things we shouldn’t do; we grew up together…

Since the end of the 90’s, we tried to, every single year, be together for our summer vacations. But then we had to face the adult life: work, bills, children, living abroad, studies, work, bills, and work. Every one of us had to do our way. Different carriers, different families. But there is always the beach to bring us nice memories, nice events, nice views, amazing stories.

There were a lot of different beaches that we used to go to, but the most awesome one, the one with more meanings, the one that we can summarize the looks and the feelings was and still is Quatro Ilhas (4 Islands in a free Portuguese/English translation).

4 Islands have this power over us to make us comfortable both spiritually and physically. And it is a place full of memories for all of us. The girls, the sea breeze, all the bands that we loved and made the perfect soundtrack for our moments, the jacaré contests, the hangovers. The peaceful state of mind just watching the years goes by… All of that with a view. And what a view!


And the fuel for all of it was always the beer. Oh man, the beer! Think about a lot of it. Now double it… And now makes it times 1000. Oceans of beer. We are not bragging nor proud, it is just the way it happens. Beer is a huge part of our lives. Especially when we are on vacation at the beach.

So, with the will to combine all the good vibes from that particular place in the world brings to us with all the flavors, aromas and purposes that the craft beer has, 3 friends out of the 11 invented 4 islands brewing.

This brewery is our manifesto to friendship, to funny moments, to the summer, to the easygoing lifestyle. Here you will see a lot of our inside jokes, references of us, fragments of our memories that we’d love to tell to all of you. Our very personal life shared in the way of fresh, delicious, breezy, carefully made craft beer.

4 Islands brewing is, most of all, our tribute to our 11 extremely normal lives that when combined and celebrated in the sand, transforms to a huge laugh, shared by good friends that shall live forever. We hope that our tribute can honor our friends and all of your laid-back moments.


Our Beers