Electric Bear Brewing: For the love of beer.

Electric Bear Brewing: Brewery of the Month


The October selection is another proof that beer is not only an outstanding beverage, but it can also be a powerful link with the cultural background and the community, as well as an incredible way to make a living.

Bear Brewery was a place to welcome the outsiders and a local pub in the city of Bath, England. Pints were drunk, and the people shared their stories there until a bombing raid, in April 1942 (during WWII), vanished part of the town along with the old-brewery building. 

Years later, in 2015, a group of hobbyist brewers decided to escape from their garage (as usual) and launched Electric Bear Brewing. The old Bear Brewery inspired the name since the site location stands close to where once the Bear was standing, in the Bear Flat area of Bath. The Electric on the name derives from how they power the brewhouse kettle (AKA the ‘copper’ - the vessel used to boil the wort during brewing).


Electric Bear Brewing: Brewery of the Month


Following the most vibrant UK craft beer scene in history, Electric Bear comes up with new and fresh ideas for producing innovative and modern beer, from easy-drinking ales to highly- hopped and high strength beers. The goal behind all that? A desire to deliver moments of “glad to be alive” that comes with drinking truly great beers, as the owners of Electric Bear like to think. 


Electric Bear Brewing: Brewery of the Month

Delicious craft beers, cool labels and a nice historical background are delivered every day to the people of Bath by Electric Bear. And we are glad to bring some of that, in the box, to dutch lands, only to the members of our beer club. It is all for the love of beer. 



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