Rascals Brewing: Bold Irish Beer

Rascals Banner

Around ten years ago Emma Devlin was living in San Francisco, CA and discovered the classic American craft beers, not even called “craft” at that time. Later on, she moved to Wellington, New Zealand, where destiny wanted her to meet Cathal O’Donoghue, a craft beer enthusiast who was experimenting with home brewing. They fell in love with each other and being exposed to the diversity and flavours of craft beer in New Zealand, also developed their strong cultural love for it.

In 2012, the couple returned to Ireland and continued to brew at home, while doing courses to become certified brewers. In 2013, they won their first ever homebrew competition for their speciality ginger porter, which gave them some recognition in the home market. One of the prizes was having a batch of the beer brewed commercially by another brewery. And that gave them the much-wanted opportunity to brew outside their comfort zone. Again, destiny seemed to be playing in favour of the couple as, shortly after, a microbrewery in Galway came up for sale and they made a move to buy its equipment and establish Rascals Brewing.

Emma and Cathal, from Rascals Brewing

The name Rascals represents the couple, with their boldness that translates into the mission of making cheeky and tasty beers. In the short period of three years, the brewery has consistently delivered great brews and won prestigious awards, putting Rascals in the forefront of the craft beer scene in Ireland. As they like to say, their beers are slightly off-centered and they brew popular styles but with the Rascals twist.

It is beer made with true love behind that can be only found inside our box. It is bold Irish beer.

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