The Garden: Much more than a brewery.

Imagine a place where one could attend all people and their variety of interests: a night club with a DJ party, a family-friend Sunday picnic, a Saturday morning flea-market, a food-truck parking on an ordinary week day and, of course, great Craft Beer all year-round. Now try to imagine this exotic multi-functional place surrounded with a garden twist. Well, that place is not just for imagination... It actually exists rooted in the industrial east part of Zagreb, capital of Croatia. 

The Garden Brewery is more than a craft beer production facility. It combines progressive craft beer creations with the aim of bringing people around together, seven days a week. The brewery was launched in 2016, backed-up by the visionary team behind the now legendary Garden Festival, which held its last edition in 2015, after ten years of sublime parties in the town of Tisno, at the Adriatic coastline. 

The “put on hold” of the festival had a purpose in mind... to spare some time for the team for developing the brewery, in their will to become a flagship and a unique contribution to Croatia’s emerging craft beer scene. 

The Garden is also the first of Croatia to put craft beer in cans, in the pursuit of better product results and an environment-friendly attitude, while also breaking the traditional chains of the Croatian beer market.

The brewery is the proper choice for the almost gone summer days when all we want is to get together outdoors, share and enjoy those great garden feelings. 


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