Novo Brazil Brewing: A Californian brewery with Brazilian soul.

Novo Brazil was founded in 2015 by Miguel Carneiro, a renowned Brazilian brewer widely-know by its success ahead of the Cervejaria Wäls, a brewery located in the heart of Brazil, which played a significant role in the development of the Craft Beer scene in the country, since the early 2000's.
After building a strong reputation in Brazil, which led to selling Wäls to a Beverage retailer group, Miguel decided to take on "higher flights" and to keep mastering the art of brewing in the West Coast of the USA, the place where most consider to be the heart of the Craft Beer Revolution these days.
The decision proved to be wise and fruitful and it did not take long for Novo Brazil Brewing Co. to start being noticed in the US market, after a sequence of beer awards and a unique way of producing their easy-going beers.
Now it is time to fly even higher and cross the Atlantic to delight some few lucky ones on the eastern side of the planet.

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