16-Mixed Pack + Logo Plate

16-Mixed Pack + Logo Plate

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What is in it? 

8 x Seagull 330ml Cans + 8 x 4 O'Clock Rain 330ml Cans + 30cm Round Logo Plate



Style: American Pale Ale || ABV: 5.5% || IBU: 38

Malts: Pale, Carared, Munich II, Oats || Hops: Nugget, Citra, Mosaic, Equinox

Yeast: US-05


4 O'Clock Rain

Style: Cream Ale || ABV: 5.7% || IBU: 16

Malts: Pilsen, Pale Ale and Corn || Hops: Nugget, Mandarina

Yeast: California Ale || Plus: Orange Peel

Do you know what a Cream Ale is?

This style is historical for the USA. It dates from the final of the 1800s and it was an Ale response to the Light Lagers that started to get popular with the arrival of German beer styles in the country. That's why you find in Cream Ale recipes flaked corn or rice, to make its body lighter.

Back in the day, breweries brewed only Lagers or Ales. That's why its appearance and taste are close to Lagers styles such as Bohemian Pilsners, Helles, or Czech Pilsners (more malt-oriented flavors and aromas and low bitterness).

It's success made the style go all the way up to Canada and was pleasing the beer drinkers until the Prohibition.  When Americans dropped this non-sense, light beer styles were reduced to the standard commercial mass production breweries and the Cream Ale was almost forgotten.

Thanks to the American Craft Beer movement and the Homebrew Culture that raised strong to the status that it has today, Cream Ales were brewed by many breweries all over the country again. 

Our 4 O'Clock Rain has the traditional base for the Style, but we used a bit of Mandarina hops to give a tropical twist to the beer. It's a very refreshing beer, ideal to drink and wash your hard day away or just help thinking about what it is going to be for the weekend.